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Thursday, 29 January 2015
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GLOREHA supports upper limb rehabilitation:

MOBILIZES finger joints

A comfortable and lightweight glove performs all the combinations of joint flexion-extension. If the patient has partial capabilities, he can actively complete his movements.

STIMULATES neural plasticity

A multi-sensorial stimulation is linked to motor exercises. The therapy includes on screen 3D animation which motivates and involves the patient.

HELPS THE PATIENT to perform functional exercises

The device leaves the patient’s arm and palm totally free. He can interact with real objects and perform reaching and grasping exercises.


29/01/2015 We are pleased to present you the new video of Gloreha Workstation: the most complete solution for rehabilitation of the whole upper ...
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15/101/2015 Jakub Pětioký (Kladruby Rehabilitation Center, Czech Republic) will present the last results achieved with Gloreha at "Konference ...
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12/01/2015 The Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation published an article called "Effects of contralesional robot-assisted hand training ...
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02/01/2015 Feedback from our partner in UK "The excellent therapeutic value of the hand rehabilitation device is enhanced by a brand new look and ...
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  27/12/2014 Real video can be shown to the patient in order to increase his engagement in the therapy. Neuromotor rehabilitation with Gloreha in ...
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23/12/2014 Gloreha supports upper limb rehabilitation: it mobilizes finger joints, stimulates neural plasticity and helps the patient to perform ...
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05/12/2014 When developed Gloreha to make the work of physioterapists and doctors easier. Our main goal was suppling a device that can increase the ...
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28/11/2014 The new centre Lahsit (Laborn Arm Hand Schoulder Intensive Training) in Ergoldsbach (Germany) has adopted Gloreha solution. Lahsit is a ...
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18/11/2014 We know that the rehabilitation after stroke is a long path; patient and caregivers need a support in order to face this challenge. We ...
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05/11/2014 Gloreha Professional 2 will be present at MEDICA: the world’s largest medical trade fair, with more than 4,000 exhibitors and ...
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18/10/2014 For more than 17 years Christina has been physically paralised but completely mentally aware. Recently Christina has been using Gloreha ...
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